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Discover Aruba's
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Our morning adventure will begin in sunrise city, San Nicolas! Here we will meet up at The Red Anchor for a short 5 minute drive to Sero Colorado. En route you'll also get a chance to see landmarks such as Boca Grandi and the famous Red Anchor. Once we reach Sero Colorado I'll give an explanation of what you can anticipate along the trail. Some areas we will be visiting are the "Amazing High View Point", The Hidden Natural Bridge and the volcanic rock formations of the most southern tip of Aruba. Expect to take some amazing photos while capturing the beautiful scenery!

After we complete our hike, we will head back up to the starting point at Sero Colorado. From there you can decide how you would like to enjoy the rest of your day. If you are craving the city, I strongly encourage a little self exploration of San Nicolas where you have endless art murals, Kulture Cafè and more. Or if a little beach time sounds better, Baby Beach and Rodgers Beach is just down the road.

This experience will leave you with not just a wealth of local knowledge, but it is a great opportunity to visit "Pariba Di Brug", the Papiamento saying for: Southern part of the island.
Other things to note
If you are driving from the Noord Area, expect about a 30 minute drive to the meeting point in San Nicolas. A 4x4 vehicle is not necessary.

About Us


  • Guided Hike in a small group setting

    $80,- per person
  • Start your day with an amazing sunrise view!

    $200,- for Private


Having lived on Aruba my whole life, I never expected to be completely surprised to what I have been missing over the last 30+ years.
Our guide Cado, having spent uncountable hours in Aruba's nature, was able to show us sights that were previously unseen to me. He knew all the right paths to make the hike easy and comfortable, all the best photo spots as he is a photography aficionado, and was able to cater to our needs with patience as we took time to enjoy and capture the sights.
If you are looking for a guide that is fun, professional, patient, and can show you something different I would highly recommend Cado from Salty Hikes. Aruba has alot of hidden beauty, Cado knows where to find it.

Hashvin, Aruba Resident

Your Guide


ATA - Sero Colorado Hike-5D200160.jpg

Ricardo "CADO" 

Welcome to your next Aruban adventure! My name is Ricardo and I will be guiding you through the untouched paths of Aruba’s beautiful north shores.
With a passion for exploring the island and a dedication to our culture, I am excited to share what makes Aruba so unique.
In 2017 I became a certified ambassador of Aruba, evolving my local knowledge in the history, culture and nature of Aruba.
As an avid surfer and landscape photographer, the north shore has always been my playground. I have been documenting this part of the island for years and look forward to sharing it with those that crave a great alternative to crowded tours. As a bonus I will be capturing your journey by taking some candid photographs for you to take back home.